Managing the Arts in the Time of an Invisible Monster

We live in a critical time of global crisis, fear, uncertainty in all areas: healthcare, financial markets, tourism, entertainment business, arts, culture. Time where ONE virus, an “invisible monster” is trying to take over our Planet, changing the way we … Read More

NEW Online Workshop: Cultural Practices and Strategies in the Digital Realm

In 2017 we start a great new workshop at University of British Columbia, Centre for Cultural Planning and Development: “Cultural Practices and Strategies in a Digital Realm”! The registration is now open: In this workshop we will focus on … Read More

Learn, Advance & Share Online: Forthcoming Topical Workshops at UBC

Online workshop: Cultural Planning: An International Perspective, University of British Columbia: November 22, 29 & Dec 6 from 10am-12noon PST/PDT. In this workshop we examine models, case studies and examples of cultural policy and planning at international, national and local … Read More

Starting a new e-learning platform: key aspects to consider

1. Terminology: e-learning, online learning and distance learning/training Online teaching and learning becomes more and more popular nowadays. Have you discovered that there are slight differences between the three terms, although they are closely connected?  E-learning/training involves the use of a … Read More

Research proposal writing: useful online resources

Many students and emerging researchers face difficulties in writing high quality competitive research proposals. This is an important piece of work, as it intends to convince others (academic boards, research, grants and selection committees, etc.) that your research is meaningful, … Read More

Research Methods: Selection of Tools and Manuals

Below is a selection of resources which might help emerging researchers in their research work. They provide guidelines and practical suggestions on how to analyze qualitative and quantitative data, how to deal with social research, what are the participatory research … Read More

Blogging on Arts Management and Cultural Policy: Let’s Learn by Sharing!

Blogging is one of the phenomena of the 21 century and has been around for more than 10 years now.  Blogs (or “web-logs”) are effective online diaries – online spaces where people maintain and update information on a regular basis. … Read More

E-learning: models, opportunities and limitations

 1.   Terminology: e-learning, online learning and distant learning/training There are differences between the three terms, although they are tightly connected. – E-learning/training involves the use of a computer, or an electronic devise (e.g. a mobile phone, CD-ROM, audio or … Read More

Comparative cultural policies and using ICTs in cultural management: A viewpoint by Marco Antonio Chavez-Aguayo

Marco Antonio Chavez-Aguayo is one step away to complete his PhD degree. He is going to be the first graduate of the new PhD programme in Culture and Heritage Management of the University of Barcelona (Spain) -one of the fewest … Read More

Panorama: Inventory of Resources on Intercultural Dialogue

Panorama is a resource offered by the Platform for Intercultural Europe, which was initiated in 2006 (as the Civil Society Platform for Intercultural Dialogue) by Culture Action Europe and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF), with the support of the Network … Read More