In 2017 we start a great new workshop at University of British Columbia, Centre for Cultural Planning and Development: “Cultural Practices and Strategies in a Digital Realm”! The registration is now open:

In this workshop we will focus on the integration of new technologies and online tools in the arts and culture sector, examining the changes and challenges in the international cultural practices brought by the digital era. We will discuss digital collaborative strategies in culture, online marketing techniques, copyright in the digital era, digital entrepreneurship, and how all these influence our work as artists and cultural professionals, as well as cultural policy decision-makers.

On completion of the workshop you will:ubc1

  • Be able to differentiate between various digital strategies and tools applied in the arts and culture sector.
  • Be familiar with diverse concepts and innovative practices of organizations, networks and individual artists in the digital environment.
  • Be equipped with practical tips for initiating, promoting and disseminating diverse digital cultural projects and products.
  • Understand the economic and social impact of digitalization of cultural practices.
  • Have access to diverse online platforms and collaboration tools and increase your international networks.
  • Be aware of the success factors and failures behind diverse innovative ideas and artistic projects in the digital networking environment.

Join the collaborative learning online: it will be great to explore together these topics and to share our experiences!

Mind the dates: Wednesdays, Feb 8, 15 & 22 2017, from 12noon-2pm PST/PDT (3pm-5pm EST).

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  1. Darlington Egwim

    We are always proud of you. Great work Lidia.

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