Join our Informative and Inspiring Online Workshops: University of British Columbia

Cultural Entrepreneurship: University of British Columbia (March 6-20, 2018) Cultural entrepreneurs are encouraging economic growth and international visibility in communities around the world. In this workshop we will focus on the importance of cultural entrepreneurship for strategic management and policy-making. … Read More

Millennials are Turning the Museum World Upside Down and I’m Here for It

Blog by Julie Jung, in: Big Ideas & Innovation, Design, Student Voices   Millennials are usually the butt of the joke. They’re “entitled, lazy, and expect everyone to do their work for them”; everyone loves to hate a millennial. But, … Read More

E-learning: models, opportunities and limitations

 1.   Terminology: e-learning, online learning and distant learning/training There are differences between the three terms, although they are tightly connected. – E-learning/training involves the use of a computer, or an electronic devise (e.g. a mobile phone, CD-ROM, audio or … Read More

Comparative cultural policies and using ICTs in cultural management: A viewpoint by Marco Antonio Chavez-Aguayo

Marco Antonio Chavez-Aguayo is one step away to complete his PhD degree. He is going to be the first graduate of the new PhD programme in Culture and Heritage Management of the University of Barcelona (Spain) -one of the fewest … Read More

Encouraging Digital Access to Culture: An Interview with Jonathan Drori

More often than ever cultural organisations look for new ways of using new technologies to create and share digital content and to communicate, respond and engage with wider audiences. Experimenting and developing digital content is becoming more and more a … Read More