Artists and business: a shared responsibility for an ecologically sustainable future

The interactive online Landmark Seminar “Artists, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: How businesses and the arts collaborate for an environmentally sustainable future” focused on theoretical discourses and practices in Bulgaria, Greece and other countries, related to CSR, environmental sustainability and … Read More

Helping the Cultural Sector in Rwanda

I was glad to be invited as a Lead Trainer in the Cultural Management Program – an initiative of Africalia to improve capacities of 20 successful young culture and arts professionals from Rwanda with a series of online sessions, held … Read More

New Generation of Cultural Managers in the Arab Region

Meeting (online) an amazing group of skillful and professional young arts managers and artists is so recharging! We started the module on Economy of Culture in a very interactive way, discussing issues in cultural economics, creative economy, economic arguments for … Read More

Cultural Accelerator: Capacity building through sharing & learning

Cultural Accelerator (CA) is a capacity building program for artists and cultural workers across and beyond Europe. The Programme is designed to provide participants with practical tools to make their projects and organisations successful and resilient. Cultural Accelerator will consist … Read More

Starting a new e-learning platform: key aspects to consider

1. Terminology: e-learning, online learning and distance learning/training Online teaching and learning becomes more and more popular nowadays. Have you discovered that there are slight differences between the three terms, although they are closely connected?  E-learning/training involves the use of a … Read More