House for Creative Thinking
"Prof. Dr. D. Kamenov"

A unique place to think, write, create or hatch an idea in an authentic rural environment

Why Kamenov House for Creative Thinking?

If you need to get away from it all to create, to write, or to innovate, to get some privacy and not be bothered by anyone, or to break away from your daily routine in the city; if you wish to discover and enjoy the countryside and a village ambiance to hatch your next idea, to write, or to just have a “meeting with yourself”, then the Kamenov House for Creative Thinking located in the picturesque Zverino village, Bulgaria, is the ideal place for you!

We also invite you to join our open door Rural Cultural Soirees to meet musicians, singers, writers, artists and other cultural professionals. We also give debut stage to diverse artists who volunteer for their performances. Programming for the soirees are announced regularly on Facebook and Instagram.

The uniqueness of Kamenov House

The house exudes a special creative energy as it was the place where Prof. Dr. Dimitar Kamenov (1939-2014) –  an inspiring educator, deep thinker, social innovator and respected author of many many publications and projects in the field of management, strategies, business planning, entrepreneurship, human resources, tripartite system of employment and more. He was the pioneer in establishment of the modern industriual and labour relations system in Bularia. Prof.Kamenov was often stimulated to write and create in this House, surrounded by the nature, inspired by his family roots and the local community.

His amazing generosity, warm heart, wisdom, hard work, endless curiosity, sense of humor, zest for life are motivators for us to transform this house into an international home for creativity and self-exploration.

For whom is Kamenov House?

This special house is intended for use by:

  • Writers
  • Artists and creative people
  • Academics on sabbatical and cultural researchers
  • Digital nomads and innovators
  • Small creative teams

Places to visit in Zverino and surroundings

Kamenov House for Creative Thinking is located in Zverino village, 85km from Sofia, the the capital of at the unique and picturesque Iskar gorge, surrounded by beautiful mountains. The village is well connected with the capital by fast trains (1h 05min), regular trains and roads. Grocery stores and ATM machine are available in the village.

  • Large outdoor swimming pools & bars “Oasis” in Zverino: located at 15min walking distance from the house, open from June 1st to September 1st.
  • Monasteries: Cherepishki Monastery
  • “Ribarnika” place: offering fresh fish
  • Seven Altars Monastery, and others.
  • meals, and/or an opportunity to catch your own fish, located at 15 min driving distance from the house.
  • Varshets: one of the oldest and most popular resourts in Norther Bulgaria, famous for its curative mineral springs, mild mountain climate, and beautiful scenery. Located 55km from Zverino.
  • Ritlite is a natural phenomenon, consisting of four almost parallel upright natural rocks that are over 120 million years old, 200 meters long.
  • Diado Yoco Gleda monument and complex: built in 2005 on the name of the literature hero who manages to “see” the future of his homeland through the spiritual light of his belief in Bulgaria.

Amazing facts about Zverino

  • The etymology of the word Zverino comes from the name of a local haidutin – Neno, who first dared to move to the area with his young beautiful woman. The land there was fertile, but the people were afraid, as there were wolves. They named the first brave man who settled there “Zver Neno”, and later they called the whole village Zverino.
  • The population is hospitable and celebrates holidays often, some of them are: Vasilyovden, Ivanovden and Yordanoven, Tsvetnica, Lazarovden, Easter.
  • On June 4, the Botev Holidays in Zverino village ends up with a festive celebration and fireworks. It is celebrated the passage of the last Botev citizens along the Iskar River.
  • November 7th is the gathering of the village (“sabor”) where every family has a rich table with tasty meals, wine and rakia, and invites guests.
  • Zverino has a hymn! “Zverino, Zverino, you are the one of a kind in the world!”. Listen here:
  • Zverino Island in Antarctic is named after Zverino Village! It is the largest and westernmost island in the Meade group lying in the north entrance to McFarlane Strait in the South Shetland Islands. Read here:

The rural comfort of Kamenov House

The two floors house has:

  • 3 bedrooms, dining room and kitchen with basic equipment, cute balcony with mountain view
  • Old style simple furniture, with a slight 21st century touch
  • Fully functional kitchen, bathroom, bathtub and toilets indoor and outdoor
  • Large garden with fruit trees
  • Wi-Fi  internet and satellite TV
  • Private infrared sauna
  • No air conditioning and central heating. Old-fashion wood stove available, as well as electric radiators.
  • Two garage spaces and free parking spaces outside on the street.
  • Bedding sheets, blankets and pillows are provided; visitors need to bring their own towels and necessities.
  • Kamenov House operates on a cooperative principle: you need to clean during your stay and before you leave.

Our offer

We offer you to have the whole House for your exclusive use, or to have just a large beautiful room, on the basis of donation which you need to discuss with us and send us before your visit. Your contribution covers the basic house maintenance costs (Internet, water, electricity and management). We have created Kamenov Fund for further improvement of the house in order to make it an international home for the future generations of creative people who wish to spend sometime in creative thinking, isolation from the busy lifestyle and self-exploration. You can contribute to the Fund also by leaving in the house your creative work or a souvenir from your country.

Please, note that we do not cover travel, or any other costs related to your stay. Please approach relevant funding for that, or invest in your own professional creative development.

We have created an informal network of Kamenov Residence Alumni who can contact each other. In case you wish, please allow us (after your stay) to include your name, country, professional affiliation and email into the alumni list-it is for internal use only.

How to approach us?

If this unique opportunity appeals, please send us a short letter who you are and what is your motivation to spend creative time in the House.

The official opening of Kamenov House was on 21 July 2018. Since then the House was visited by creative professionals and artists from: Slovenia, Cuba, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iran, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.


Mobile: +359 888 318130