Join our Informative and Inspiring Online Workshops: University of British Columbia

Cultural Entrepreneurship: University of British Columbia (March 6-20, 2018) Cultural entrepreneurs are encouraging economic growth and international visibility in communities around the world. In this workshop we will focus on the importance of cultural entrepreneurship for strategic management and policy-making. … Read More

Millennials are Turning the Museum World Upside Down and I’m Here for It

Blog by Julie Jung, in: Big Ideas & Innovation, Design, Student Voices   Millennials are usually the butt of the joke. They’re “entitled, lazy, and expect everyone to do their work for them”; everyone loves to hate a millennial. But, … Read More

Learn, Advance & Share Online: Forthcoming Topical Workshops at UBC

Online workshop: Cultural Planning: An International Perspective, University of British Columbia: November 22, 29 & Dec 6 from 10am-12noon PST/PDT. In this workshop we examine models, case studies and examples of cultural policy and planning at international, national and local … Read More

Advantages, disadvantages and success factors of e-learning

Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning/teaching There are many advantages to online and computer-based learning when compared to traditional face-to-face courses and lectures: Saving time and travel: overcomes timing, attendance and travel difficulties. Easy access from different spots across the world. … Read More

Artistic collaboration: could online groups create art?

Collaboration has a long history in art and has always been part of artists’ life. Artists are considered by many as “lonely creatures”, but they also need to perform, to be recognised, to be seen. They can hardly live without … Read More

Collaborative online tools on cultural policy

Cultural policy is an important issue worldwide, a focus point for a growing number of public debates, conferences, academic research work, official documents and educational programs. It seems that professionals dealing with policy issues in the cultural sector still lack … Read More

Virtual mobility: A contribution to artistic innovations, participatory approach and new angle of policy making: an interview with Judith Staines

A freelance cultural consultant based in the UK, Judith Staines has always been inspired by the issues of international cultural cooperation, artistic mobility and networking.  She is the European Editor for Culture360,  the Asia-Europe Foundation’s multidisciplinary Arts and Culture portal … Read More

The place of cultural portals in the context of converging digital culture: Interview with Alexandra Uzelac

You are the author of the document “The place of cultural portals in the context of converging digital culture”. This is the third Culturemondo International Survey about cultural portals and related trends in digital culture and heritage. Why was Culturemondo … Read More