Learn, Advance & Share Online: Forthcoming Topical Workshops at UBC

Online workshop: Cultural Planning: An International Perspective, University of British Columbia: November 22, 29 & Dec 6 from 10am-12noon PST/PDT. In this workshop we examine models, case studies and examples of cultural policy and planning at international, national and local … Read More

Be Aware: The Generation Z Entrepreneurs Are Here!

Generation Z, the “internet generation” , includes those born between 1994 and 2010 — a group that’s comprised of high school students and younger, and is poised to become the most entrepreneurial generation we’ve ever seen.  Research shows that these … Read More

Advantages, disadvantages and success factors of e-learning

Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning/teaching There are many advantages to online and computer-based learning when compared to traditional face-to-face courses and lectures: Saving time and travel: overcomes timing, attendance and travel difficulties. Easy access from different spots across the world. … Read More

Encouraging Digital Access to Culture: An Interview with Jonathan Drori

More often than ever cultural organisations look for new ways of using new technologies to create and share digital content and to communicate, respond and engage with wider audiences. Experimenting and developing digital content is becoming more and more a … Read More