Culturizing Sustainable Cities: call for examples

Catalyzing translocal learning and advancement of emerging artistic/cultural environmental approaches Call for examples – potential case studies How can artistic/cultural practices be embedded within the planning and development of more sustainable cities? How can local governments integrate culture within sustainable … Read More

Cultural Planning: An International perspective: New online workshop starting soon!

University of British Columbia (UBC) Centre for Cultural Planning and Development Three scheduled online sessions: Nov 20, Nov 27 & Dec 4, 10am-12noon PDT In this workshop we examine models, case studies and examples of cultural policy and planning at … Read More

Cultural Policy Exchange Workshop Cycle 2013: Strategy & Concepts for Policy Reforms

The Eastern Partnership recognizes the value of cultural cooperation and inter-cultural dialogue as an integral part of all external policies and has underlined the importance of cultural cooperation in addressing political processes and challenges (EU Presidency Conclusions of the European … Read More

SEAS Dock: a tool for people who engage in transnational collaboration

Black/North SEAS was a European cultural platform that connected two very different European regions – The Black Sea and the North Sea. SEAS created 20 new cross-disciplinary artistic works that were inspired by intercultural exchange between artists from the two … Read More

A fresh approach to culture-led regeneration policies

Claire Bullen (UK) is the winner of the 7th Cultural Policy Research Award 2010 (CPRA). Claire is a 2nd year PhD Student at the Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures – an inter-disciplinary research centre at the University of Manchester. The … Read More

Is There any Charm and Usability in Policy Documents? An Interview with Jordi Pascual on Agenda 21 for Culture

In recent years, Agenda 21 for Culture is one of the most successful models for integrating participatory principles into urban policy planning. This is the first document with worldwide mission to advocate cultural development on a city and local level. … Read More

Stimulating eventfulness: a catalyst for cities’ strategic development: An interview with Greg Richards

The book Eventful Cities. Cultural Management and Urban Revitalisation is a successful attempt to connect theory and practice related to the processes of cultural event development, management and marketing, and to look at these processes in a wider global, social, … Read More