International Award UCLG-Mexico City-Culture 21: the 4th edition has been launched!

This distinguished Award will recognise  good practices from cities and local and regional governments in the field of culture and sustainable development, as well as individuals who have made substantial contributions to the recognition of how cultural aspects are important for … Read More

Cultural and Creative Industries for Sustainable Development: Policy Directions and Innovative Projects

Paper, presented at the III International Conference “Cultural Policy, Policy for Culture: the Role of Culture in Sustainable Development in Post-2015 Agenda”, within the framework of 70th Anniversary of UNESCO (11-13 July 2015, Yerevan, Armenia). The full results of the research … Read More

Culturizing Sustainable Cities: call for examples

Catalyzing translocal learning and advancement of emerging artistic/cultural environmental approaches Call for examples – potential case studies How can artistic/cultural practices be embedded within the planning and development of more sustainable cities? How can local governments integrate culture within sustainable … Read More

Cultural Planning: An International perspective: New online workshop starting soon!

University of British Columbia (UBC) Centre for Cultural Planning and Development Three scheduled online sessions: Nov 20, Nov 27 & Dec 4, 10am-12noon PDT In this workshop we examine models, case studies and examples of cultural policy and planning at … Read More

Creative industries and talents: the strategic perspective of Montreal

Creative industries (design, fashion, film and video, architecture, computer games, music, performing arts, publishing etc.) stay in the hearth of the creative economy. They lie in the crossroad between arts, culture, economics, business and technology.  They deal with “experience goods … Read More

Cultural Policy Exchange Workshop Cycle 2013: Strategy & Concepts for Policy Reforms

The Eastern Partnership recognizes the value of cultural cooperation and inter-cultural dialogue as an integral part of all external policies and has underlined the importance of cultural cooperation in addressing political processes and challenges (EU Presidency Conclusions of the European … Read More

“Cultural heritage is central to solving the most pressing social issues”: Sophia Labadi shares

Sophia Labadi obtains PhD and Master in Cultural Heritage from the University College London (UK. She has graduated from the Institute of Political Sciences in Grenoble (France). Since 2004 she has held different positions within UNESCO. She has worked in … Read More

The emerging cultural policy research and education in Turkey: A snapshot interview with Ayca Ince

Ayca Ince, recently finalized a 3-years-long project called “Invisible Cities: Building Capacities for Local Cultural Policy Transformation in Turkey”. This project aims to increase cultural policy knowledge and management capacities of cultural organizations and city administrations in Turkey together with … Read More

“Culture can play a crucial role in urban development because of its multidimensional impacts”: a short talk with Mariangela Lavanga

Mariangela Lavanga is a lecturer at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research focuses on cultural and creative industries, urban (re)development, creative cities, creative clusters and cultural policy. Mariangela holds a PhD in Communication Economics from IULM University in Milan, a … Read More

Metro Vancouver launches arts and culture calendar

MAXguide is the moniker for Metro Vancouver’s new arts and culture website: MAXguide provides free listings of arts and culture events for arts organizations, individuals and selected art businesses. It features a clean design and easy-to-use interface, advanced search … Read More