1Catalyzing translocal learning and advancement of emerging artistic/cultural environmental approaches

Call for examples – potential case studies

How can artistic/cultural practices be embedded within the planning and development of more sustainable cities? How can local governments integrate culture within sustainable city planning and related initiatives?How can artistic/cultural activities in urban environments contribute to building more sustainable cities?How can these practices inform and advance emerging conceptualization and theorization of the relationships between culture and sustainability?

The Culturizing Sustainable Cities research project, 2014-2017, aims to advance knowledge about the relationships between culture and local sustainability through developing robust empirical evidence about artistic activities on local environmental/sustainability issues; policy/planning mechanisms supporting this activity and integrating culture into sustainability policies/plans; and existing challenges and policy gaps. The scope of the project is international.

The project is led by Dr. Nancy Duxbury at the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal, assisted by two research assistants (Declan Chan, Simon Fraser University, Canada, and Regina Milheiro, University of Coimbra, Portugal), and a network of 86 Research Associates internationally. (Further information is available on the project website: http://www.ces.uc.pt/projectos/culturizing.)

The project’d team is now searching for examples, from anywhere in the world, of two types of initiatives:2

(1) Development / implementation of policy and other actions of local authorities to integrate culture into local sustainable city planning and public policies, and to support art-environment activities; and

(2) Local artistic/heritage/cultural activities involving local residents that help connect people to the environment and develop more sustainable living practices.

The submission of examples by December 16, 2014 would be greatly appreciated. At that time, we review all submissions received and identify gaps, for follow-up in early 2015.

In Phase 1, the team will develop an online collection of profiles and case studies (globally distributed) selected from these examples. In Phase 2, two locations where clusters of cultural-environmental activities or major policy/planning innovations are identified will be examined in-depth.

For more information on the Culturizing Sustainable Cities project and to submit case suggestions, please visit: http://www.ces.uc.pt/projectos/culturizing/

The Research Associates for this project come from all continents, have a look here, and in case of interest, please join:


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