UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005) is an important document in the development of the international and national ultural policies. It provides an important framework for informed, transparent and participatory governance systems for managing the cultural sector. I am proud to be selected as a member of the UNESCO Expert Facility with four years term (2019-2022). The purpose of the UNESCO Expert Facility is to assist UNESCO whenever needed on issues related to management of culture, digital technologies, media diversity, international trade in the arts, cultural rights, the status of artists and many others.

My first mission is upon invitation by our great colleagues and partners from Creative Georgia to consult a key project on the reinventing support mechanisms for the development of creative cluster ecosystem in Georgia. Creative Georgia aims at creating a favorable environment for the development of the creative industries through appropriate programs, projects and financial support, more specifically:
• Raising awareness about Creative Industries;
• Building capacity of creative entrepreneurs though training programs, seminars and other activities;
• Establishing networking platforms;
• Creating funding opportunities and spreading information about existing funding opportunities;
• Supporting export of creative goods and in general, internationalization of sector;
• Supporting development of research activities in the creative industries sector.

The Convention website contains a wealth of resources for activities, partnerships, publications, research, data, news, events, videos and many other tools related to its key aspects and application mechanisms. See here: https://en.unesco.org/creativity/convention

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