Cultural Entrepreneurship: University of British Columbia (March 6-20, 2018)

Cultural entrepreneurs are encouraging economic growth and international visibility in communities around the world. In this workshop we will focus on the importance of cultural entrepreneurship for strategic management and policy-making. The combination of theory, inspiring international case studies and group discussions online animates the theory and gives plenty of examples from different corners of the world. Cultural planners, managers, policy-makers, and budding cultural entrepreneurs will all find this content valuable.

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Online Workshop: Cultural Planning – An International Perspective (March 7-21, 2018)

Cultural planning plays a fundamental role in solutions to global issues such as sustainability, democratic practices, intercultural dialogue, and social cohesion. We will explore the diversity in terminology in cultural policy and planning around the world. The workshop includes plenty of examples from local cultural planning and policy development from many cities and countries.  Themes such as: cultural diversity, the status of artists, mobility in the arts and cultural networks, the generation Z, digitalization of culture, are included in the workshop. We will analyze key issues in the local cultural policies worldwide, such as cultural mapping, creative clusters, creative placemaking, creative tourism, culture-led regeneration, and more.

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Online Workshop: Cultural Practices and Strategies in the Digital Realm (March 8-22, 2018)

This online workshop focuses on the integration of new technologies and online tools in the arts and culture sector. It examines changes and challenges in international cultural practices spurred the digital era. We will analyze diverse strategies and tools for enabling interactive and participatory ways of creating, promoting, and disseminating cultural projects and content in the digital realm.

The workshop includes topics related to: the specificities of the digital realm;  digitalization in cultural heritage, performing arts, music and other fields: digital strategies for arts organisations; digital audiences, copyright challenges in the globalisation era; policy support for digitalization in the cultural sector:; creative cities going virtual, and others.  The workshop places a special emphasis on the connection between cultural policy, organizational strategy, artistic creation, and ongoing audience involvement in the context of the digital realm.

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All workshops combine lecture and small group discussion, meeting online for two hours once a week for three consecutive weeks.

Photo credits: Tran Mau Tri Tam, “My Life Through A Lens” and on Unsplash


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