Cultural Accelerator (CA) is a capacity building program for artists and cultural workers across and beyond Europe. The Programme is designed to provide participants with practical tools to make their projects and organisations successful and resilient. Cultural Accelerator will consist of expert talks and practical workshops featuring prominent cultural researchers and practitioners. 

Cultural Accelerator is initiated by Trans Europe Halles (TEH), Lund, Sweden and Ta(r)dino 6 Art Platform (TAP), Baku, Azerbaijan.

I have the pleasure to be invited for one of the sessions on Project Management on April 9th, 2021 to share tips and advices on diverse cultural project applications, incl. also entrepreneurial plans. During Cultural Accelerator series, we will discuss cross-sectoral collaborations, current trends in arts & culture, community empowerment, professional ethics in the sector, cultural policies and so much more.

To participate, you need to register here:

To stay updated about the project, please follow Cultural Accelerator Telegram Channel, or sign up for the project newsletter:…

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