Jazz Soiree with Wladigeroff Brothers in Kamenov House

Join us this Saturday August 11, 2018 at 21.30 at the garden of Kamenov House for Creative Thinking to enjoy the virtuosity and the musical talent of the famous Wladigeroff brothers who just arrived from Vienna and will be our guests … Read More

Volunteering for the Arts: Mutual Benefits and Much Fun!

What are the benefits of volunteering for arts organizations and for the volunteers? What should we have in mind when recruiting volunteers? How to measure the volunteers’ involvement in the arts programs and events? Volunteers are an important resource in … Read More

Cultural participation in education and lifelong learning:

A catalyst for personal advancement, community development, social change and economic growth Context and rationale: culture, education and lifelong learning The Access to Culture Platform is a channel for cultural stakeholders to provide concrete input and practice-based policy recommendations to … Read More

Metro Vancouver launches arts and culture calendar

MAXguide is the moniker for Metro Vancouver’s new arts and culture website: http://www.maxguide.org MAXguide provides free listings of arts and culture events for arts organizations, individuals and selected art businesses. It features a clean design and easy-to-use interface, advanced search … Read More

A Study on Youth Access To Culture In Europe

Access to culture goes beyond accessing cultural products, attending spaces and receiving information, it is also about an experience of personal development and enjoyment. Apart from classic channels and institutions, youth culture channels are dynamic and often informal, and many … Read More