The Divided Ukraine: Can an “inclusive civic engagement” help in rebuilding connections?

The Centre for Cultural Management in Lviv, Ukraine initiates engages in and supports activities that catalyze positive cultural change in Ukraine on the individual, organizational and societal levels and in the public, private and civic sectors. The organisation implements national … Read More

Cultural participation in education and lifelong learning:

A catalyst for personal advancement, community development, social change and economic growth Context and rationale: culture, education and lifelong learning The Access to Culture Platform is a channel for cultural stakeholders to provide concrete input and practice-based policy recommendations to … Read More

Immigration policies, governance of ethnic minorities and multiculturalism: A snapshot interview with Miikka Pyykkönen

Miikka Pyykkönen has worked at the department of social sciences and philosophy in University of Jyväskylä Finland since 2000. He is specialized in politics of cultural diversity and multiculturalism, civil society, Foucauldian methodology and analytics of power, governance of ethnic … Read More