Strategic Management in the Arts: Featured by The Suburban

The Suburban, Montreal March 27th, 2013 From inspiration to creation, making art is far removed from conducting business. But when it comes to making a living from making art, business know-how becomes just as important as aesthetic intuition and artistic … Read More

Roundtable to Discuss Lidia Varbanova’s Book

Strategic management is an essential element that drives an organization’s success, yet many cultural organizations struggle to apply strategic thinking and entrepreneurial actions when it comes to day-to-day operations. In her new book, Strategic Management in the Arts, published by … Read More

Strategic Management in the Arts: From Montreal to Sofia and Back

The Book Launch in Sofia The Bulgarian launch of the book “Strategic Management in the Arts” went very well: with good media coverage despite of the turbulent political situation in the same week (February 2013). I am glad that it … Read More

Entrepreneurs in the arts: vision, collaboration and passion

Arts and entertainment industries are a great area for developing new entrepreneurial projects.  Arts entrepreneurs are usually freelancers who are not affiliated with an organization, with a structure or a stable team. They can be: producers, art dealers, impresarios, artists’ … Read More

E-learning: models, opportunities and limitations

 1.   Terminology: e-learning, online learning and distant learning/training There are differences between the three terms, although they are tightly connected. – E-learning/training involves the use of a computer, or an electronic devise (e.g. a mobile phone, CD-ROM, audio or … Read More

The changing dynamics between artistic creativity, economy and cultural policy: Lyudmila Petrova’s professional projects and passion

Lyudmila Petrova is a co-founder and organiser of the CREARE Summer School of cultural Economics .  She holds a MA in cultural economics and cultural entrepreneurship and is an active member of the cultural economics community. Recently, she pursues her … Read More

The future of cultural networks

ENCATC Interview with Lidia Varbanova during the 19th ENCATC Annual Conference, Helsinki, Finland (October 2011):   The first European networks: founded in the early 80s: they had lean structures and simple organizational models. The Manifesto of the European Cultural … Read More

“Culture Forecast”: Academics, policy-makers, artists and students addressed the Future in Helsinki

ENCATC, the leading European network on cultural management and cultural policy education, held its 19th Annual Conference and General Assembly on 12 -14 October 2011 in Helsinki, Finland. Co organized by five Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (HUMAK, Metropolia, Novia, … Read More

Dissonant cultural heritage: a modern and complex research area: A short Talk with Daniela Simeonova-Koroudjieva

Daniela Simeonova-Koroudjieva is a PhD student in Cultural Heritage at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and at the same time she practices as an attorney-at-law at Sofia Bar Association. Daniela obtains Master in Law from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. … Read More

Entrepreneurship: The changing realities

The profile of entrepreneurs in the cultural sector has changed nowadays, considering the strong influence of the new technologies and online tools. Realities have changed and the basic functions and roles of entrepreneurs change as well – in all sectors, … Read More