Circular Economy, Green Technologies and Empathy in Artistic Practices

Organised by the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov” (NATFA) under the EMPACT project, the seminar Circular Economy, Green Technologies and Empathy in Artistic Practices (9-11 June 2023), was a very informative, engaging, creative, and insightful event. … Read More

Writing a Creative Project for Grant Proposal: Tips for Success

Before starting elaborating your creative project, have in mind that: The project is a problem-solving technique. A creative project makes the world a better place. Realization of a creative project makes us happy!  There are always three viewpoints on a … Read More

The independent contractor in the cultural sector: A key to an informed decision-making process

Hiring an independent contractor is a common activity in cultural organizations that work towards implementation of successful strategies. Why these professionals are so important, what are the ingredients of smooth partnership between contractors and employers and what are the successful … Read More

What we really need is a “thinking arts manager”

Herwig Pöschl started his career as a creator in the field of music for film and media in the 70s. He is curator for regional and urban cultural development and creative industries, as well as an innovative educational cultural producer. He … Read More

The magic and responsibility running cross-border projects: an interview with Chris Torch

Chris Torch is artistic director at Intercult, a production and resource unit focused on culture, ideas and the arts. Founded in 1996, it is a publically-financed institution, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Intercult is also a designated Europe Direct office, managed … Read More

Online tools to organise your ideas, projects, documents, notes and online content

There are many online tools nowadays which facilitate our work as researchers, students, managers and active collaborators. They help us to stay connected and to improve communications with others: our colleagues, staff, classmates, students, communities, boards. I selected for you … Read More