Before starting elaborating your creative project, have in mind that:

  • The project is a problem-solving technique.
  • A creative project makes the world a better place.
  • Realization of a creative project makes us happy!

 There are always three viewpoints on a project:

  • My orgainisation/my team – what do we want to achieve and why?
  • Funders’ priorities – to whom do we apply?
  • Relevance to the world – what is our strategic approach and how does the project fit to the current and future needs.

Important general tips:

  • Mind the importance of the executive summary! It is NOT an introduction to the project, but reflects all important parts and milestones.
  • Emphasize on the uniqueness- elaborate what is your competitive advantage in comparison with similar organisations and projects.
  • Make sure that there is a coherence between the stated objectives, the overall methodology and the expected results.
  • Believe in the reason for implementing this project: why is it so important: for your local community, for the world?
  • Be motivated and write the project with joy!

Advices on the project’s methodology:

  • Make sure that the project’s methodology answers the key questions: Why? What? How, With whom?
  • Explain the methodology in an easy-to-understand language.
  • Split the methodology into phases of implementation of your project to be clearer what do you envisage.
  • Connect the interim deliverables with the key objectives and the expected results.
  • Show well the uniqueness and innovation in the approach, methods, outcomes, or other areas.
  • Elaborate well partnership opportunities and make a stakeholders’ mapping at local, national and international level.

When writing your marketing plan:

  • Consider using digital marketing strategy and implement methods that better fit to your creative projects.
  • Mind the differences between target groups, market segments, beneficiaries, audiences – depending on the type of your project.
  • Elaborate a thorough media plan and connect media tools with the project phases and interim results accordingly. Mind the launch date in case of a new product or service.

In your operational plan:

  • Find out the ways to motivate your team members.
  • Split well tasks and responsibilities between all parties and organisations involved.
  • Elaborate well the flow-chart, organizational chart, and all relevant logistical parts in the project implementation.
  • Consider the proof of credibility of your organisation and your team members and add relevant evidences.
  • If there is a need for certain permissions to realize the project-add all in appendices.

When elaborating the budget, mind that:

  • In the nonprofit sector we work with the money of others and transparency is important.
  • Show and prove the self-financing and all other external funding that is already secured.
  • Elaborate realistically the whole budget.
  • Make sure that all budget items are well connected with the project text and planned activities.
  • Agree in advance with your project partners how to split diverse budget items based on their specific responsibilities and tasks.


  • When elaborating the expected results, think of: qualitative and quantitative results, marketing and financial results, external and internal results.
  • Mind the sustainability! Elaborate well what will happen with the project results and how would they continue their lifetime after the project is completed.
  • Emphasize on the maintenance and operational side of the project continuation.

Good luck!

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