headerDon’t miss the 14th Annual YES’ Artists Conference: Business Skills for Creative Souls! It will be held on Friday, March 20, 2015 (9:00am–4:30pm), St. James Theatre, 265 St. Jacques West, Montreal! Hosting more than 250 participants, speakers and special guests annually, this great event has over the years attracted some of Montreal’s most renowned artists and cultural industry leaders

At this full-day event for both novice and seasoned artists will be looking for insight, inspiration, networking opportunities and essential business skills. Mastering the business of art is no easy feat, even where talent and creative vision abound. That’s why artists MUST develop entrepreneurial skills, a dynamic promotional presence, strong professional networks and a cohesive action plan.

My keynote speech is titled “From Creative to Entrepreneurial Mindset” (9.45-10.45).  Most successful entrepreneurs start with a creative idea which is elaborated in a solid business plan. With  today`s global trends of scarcity of funding for the arts and increased competition on the market-place, in order to have the best shot at succeeding,  a well crafted business plan is the way to go. The presentation will engage you for a short “walk“ through the key areas you must know to awaken your entrepreneurial mindset and bring your creative idea to the international market by highlighting your vision, strategy, analytical &mapping tools and management capacity.

Among other speakers are great artists, entrepreneurs and experts, such as: Nada Myre, Jean Robert Nolet, Linda Rutenberg, Jordan L. LeBell, and more.

The event is initiated and organized by YES Montreal (Youth Employment Services) – one of my favorite nonprofit organization. It;s mission is to enrich the community by providing English-language support services to help Quebecers find employment and start and grow businesses.

Click here for more details, including the agenda, speakers and bios. Looking forward to see you at the event!

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