The Master Program in Management of Performing Arts and Industries and the Bachelor Program in Theatre Production at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia had the pleasure to invite six distinguished guest speakers during this academic term. Why inviting guest lecturers is important?

Effective education always connects the theory with practices and helps students with the holistic approach in the learning process. Our methodology is that the classroom is a hub for exploration, innovation, sharing diverse practices and models, opening the minds of students to look beyond the textbooks and beyond their own reality. Guest lecturers help students to widen their perspective, to compare different organisations, practices and countries in the field of performing arts management and policies. A guest-lecturer who is a well-known professional in the field brings a real life experience, competence and knowledge that is well connected with the theoretical discourses. This “added value” also helps students with ideas on what their professional path could be after graduation as they come from multiple disciplines and fields, as well as countries.

Here are the six renowned cultural professionals and scholars whom the master and bachelor students had the pleasure to listen this fall:

  • Dr. Sue Kay, UK: “Cultural leadership: new perspectives and approaches”
  • Ole Reitov, Denmark: “Artistic freedom and cultural diversity”
  • Nelly Dimitrova-Gomez, Canada/Bulgaria: “Digitalization and new technologies in the music business: a global perspective”
  • Trendafil Davidkov, National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”, Sofia: “Challenges and practices of theatre programming and organisation”
  • Daniela Urem, Rijeka, Croatia: “Re-conceptualising the cultural management and policy in the modern society”
  • Maya Dimova, Milano, Italy: “Opera production: Strategies, management aspects and daily operations”

We received positive feedback from all students who met these guest presenters. We look forward to more exchange opportunities between our Academy and similar higher educational institutions in Europe and worldwide!

For more information about the Master Program оn Management of Performing Arts and INdsutries at NATFA, read here:



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