Eurovision and WWF have partnered up to gather one million voices for the planet ahead of the song contest final this Saturday. Voice for the planet is a collaboration which hopes to see people who have a passion for the environment and ‘our shared home’ tell world leaders why making the right choices for the planet is so important.

Eurovision and WWF have enlisted the help of famous DJ Armin van Buuren to help encourage people to get involved with the project- he’s even using one of his own songs to do it. The partnership is using the TikTok to encourage diversity in the voices they have for the campaign and that users of the platform will sing, dance or duet with van Buuren’s track ‘Million Voices’. Users of the popular social media platform are being encouraged to use the hashtag ‘#voicefortheplanet’ to get involved with the campaign as well as using van Buuren’s track.

553,000 people have already used their ‘voices’ to support the virtual campaign via WWF’s website and #voicefortheplanet already has 604.0K views on TikTok.

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Listen Armin Van Buuren “Million Voices”:

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