ENCATC New Digest: Stay Tuned!

Established in 1992, ENCATC is a network of more than 100 member institutions and professionals in over 40 countries active in education, training and research within the broad field of cultural management and policy. ENCATC members have an impact on the education of thousands of cultural managers worldwide.  The network represents, advocates, and promotes cultural management and cultural policy education, professionalizes the cultural sector to make it sustainable, and creates a platform for discussion and exchange at European and international level.

I am an active member of ENCATC since 1994, former Board member and Vice-President of the network. The professional development, wide contacts, learning experiences, joined projects and  inspiration which the Network and its members have given me throughout the years, is outstanding!

I strongly recommend ENCATC News electronic newsletter as a trusted source for what is happening in the wide field of cultural management and policy. The network is dedicated to keeping its members abreast of the latest developments in the field, as well as highlighting a plethora of opportunities for them to deepen their knowledge and advance the visibility of their institutions as well as their careers.  In each issue the you can learn from peers in the ENCATC in Contact interview series, see what other members and cultural organizations are contributing to the field, and consult recently published books, studies, and reports.  The newsletter is produced by the ENCATC Secretariat in Brussels for members. A shorter Digest version is made for non members, so if you wish to receive it, subscribe here.

The latest ENCATC newsletter 114th issue gives information about events, policy developments, calls and publications. There is a new section to mark the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and more space for contributions from members and stakeholders.  In Members Corner you can also read my short article “Where is “My Teacher” in the online learning jungle today?”, discussing the terminological jungle around “e-learning” concepts, the ingredients of a virtual classroom, how to start an online program under a university, and why I strongly believe that the combination of online learning with traditional offline classes is very important. In Members Stories Savina Tarsitano shares insights about the project “Empowering youth and young people through art and creativity” and the possibility to organise a new workshop with children and young people in Cuba: read more about the project here.

If you wish to join the network, read why become a member here and apply now! ENCATC members are universities and training centers in the field of cultural management and cultural policy, cultural organisations, public authorities at national, regional and local level, artists, and consultancies. A fantastic rainbow of cultural professionals that will inspire you and lift up your knowledge and contacts in the cultural management and policy educational field!

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