The Master programme “Management in Performing Arts and Industries” at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia is open again for prospective students for the academic year 2021-2022! Here is what the students from the class of 2020-2021 share about the quality and key angles of the education, as well as the results they have achieved:

Veneta Stefanova, Art Manager of Stephanie Art Stars Agency: “This program offers high quality training, guided by global trends in contemporary management of cultural organizations and the professional development of experts and leaders in arts and culture. I learned to dream boldly, to build business strategies, to be a successful leader and to constantly improve myself. During the education I met with exceptional teachers and colleagues, I expanded the partner network of my agency. “

Natalia Aleksieva, Playwright, Stara Zagora Puppet Theater and Manager, Social Media: “A well-structured program, with excellent teachers – professionals in their field, from whom you can “steal” a lot!”

Mariana Petrova, Actress, Puppet Theater and Art Manager: “Extremely good program, giving knowledge and skills that every manager in the 21st century must have!”

Paolina Popova, actress at the Variety Theater: “Theater and all arts need stable management and good distribution of tasks in the creative team. This master programme develops such skills. In addition to the theoretical discourses, the program also focuses on building competencies for effective management of a creative organization. I highly recommend this program to any artist who would like to upgrade their professional qualities! ”

Read the application requirements for the Programme: we are waiting for you!…/

Watch the video about the programme content, structure and academic team: 



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