Studio Symbiosis is an architectural, master planning & interior design studio based in Stuttgart Germany and Delhi NCR India involved in projects of various scales and sectors.

The design philosophy is to create integrated design solutions imbibing amalgamated, efficient, robust and sustainable designs leading to performative architecture. The research and intent of the practice is to create performance as a design driver, to achieve Sustainable and Smart buildings.

This integration of performance based aesthetics exists in nature everywhere around us. Nature has tested and evolved these systems through iterative process to create robust and elegant design solutions. The complexity of the various subsystems are selectively articulated to generate the final design solution. The practice believes that with computational tools it is possible to create elegant design solutions driven by performance.

Studio Symbiosis has developed an alternative to throwing away old stalls – a reusable structure called “Plexus“ that can be reconfigured in more than 1,000 different ways. Plexus is designed a bit like classic tinker toys, with nodes and connectors that let stall designers create almost endless variations of shapes and sizes, including adapting to non-standard stall sizes and a differentiated product range. The adaptable system can also be flat packed, for easier transportation with less waste.

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