DSC_0013The Open Society Institute, Assistance Foundation Tajikistan has undertaken the first steps towards establishment of the MA program in arts and cultural management in the country. The four training of trainers’ seminars in 2015 are part of the first phase in this process. Their main aim is to assist in strengthening the scientific, informational and teaching capacity of university professors who choose to teach courses in the field of arts and culture management in their respective universities.

The first seminar on entrepreneurship, innovations and marketing in the arts for representatives of educational institutions and cultural activists was held on 1-5 May 2015 at the recreation area «Djakhongir», Varzob, near Dushanbe. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Lidia Varbanova – a leading international expert and educator in arts management who is involved with the start up of the new program.

The start up phase of the arts management education in the country is based on a feasibility study and needs assessment, elaborated last year as a result of collaborative consultation process. University professors, cultural professionals and activists in Tajikistan strongly support the development of arts and culture education and training in the country as an important factor for increasing the professionalism, organizational capacities, management competences, and innovative business models in the arts. The emerging arts management education in Tajikistan will be developed in partnership between leading universities in the country and will hopefully open new doors for international cultural and educational cooperation. The role of ENCATC in the development phase is very much anticipated and will be needed, especially in identifying a foreign partnering university and establishment of a Resource centre in arts management in Tajikistan.

For any additional information, please contact Ms. Lolisanam Ulugova “Art and Culture” program coordinator of OSI AF lola.ulugova@osi.tajik.net phones: 44 107 28, 44 107 50, 227 55 58.    


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