EMPACT project adopts an innovative approach by addressing the role of empathy in advocating for the climate crisis at the speed needed through artistic cooperation and the creation of novel art projects and suggests that exploring the empathy-sustainability relationship through the arts can bring significant advances to the promotion of sustainability actions and pro-environmental behaviours. The project focuses on two sectors of the Cultural and Creative Industries: Fine and Visual Arts, and Performing arts.

EMPACT aims at supporting a diverse set of cultural players to take an active role in promoting empathy and sustainability in their respective local, national and transnational/European communities, advancing a better understanding of the ways in which empathy-related arts contribute to individual sustainability orientations and broader environmental sustainability.


EMPACT includes a holistic well-designed series of activities, organized in the form of:

  • capacity building program, an artistic program, and a research and dissemination program, including 4 landmark/pilot workshops and 17 experiential workshops delivering the training curriculum to the participants in each partner country (at least 140 artists physically present and at least 20 per country/140 in total online participants);
  • 5 collaborative/socially engaged art interventions (with the participation of artists, communities and/or university students);
  • 14 collaborative interdisciplinary artistic projects leading to the production of novel artworks;
  • 14 residencies/co-productions, one creative documentary film inspired by the project’s actions, regarding arts and empathy within an environmental context;
  • 2 artistic exhibitions with more than 60 participant artists, artistic productions;
  • 5 podcasts, one major interdisciplinary conference;
  • 2 arts publications/exhibition catalogues and a platform for arts and circular economy practices.

 Project duration: 24 months (2022-2024)

Project Partners:

EMPACT project is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission under the Grant Agreement No: 101055903 – EMPACT – CREA-CULT-2021-COOP-2

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More information: https://natfiz.bg/en/empact-project/   and https://natfiz.bg/en/about-empact/

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