Artists Andrea Davanzati (sculptor, Italy), Giulia Pellegrini (painter, Italy), and Dimitris Savva (musician, Cyprus) presented on 31 August 2023 the development of their creative projects, influenced by their encounter with the “spirit and memory” of Sozopol and the sea.

Andrea will have a public presentation of his project, related to the stars, zodiac signs and water, titled “Under the same sky” on 3 September 2023 at 6 pm at the Central Beach in Sozopol. After that at 7 pm Giulia will present her artistic project “DE(oxygenation)”. In connection with the upcoming presentation, she held a creative workshop for children on the theme “Let’s Repopulate the Black Sea”, presenting paper models of various marine species and talking about biodiversity.

The three artists continue to work on their projects, seeking daily new knowledge and provocations for their development. On 4 September 2023, at 4 pm – 6 pm at the Educational-Sport base “Lazur”, Sozopol, the artistic residencies, resulting from the project EMPACT – “Water: memory and movement” will be presented and each artist will emphasize on the whole creative process and final results from the residency in Sozopol.

 More information about the artists and the concept projects, you can find here.


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