LinkedIn Top Global Companies list is released! The criteria are based on: job applications and interest, engagement, retention of employees, developing the talent once hired, having fun during work and in free time, and more. These companies are the place “where the world wants to work now”.

Who will be in the list if we research and select the “Top Global Companies in Arts, Culture & Creative Industries”?

What would be the criteria?

What do we need to do internationally and with joined efforts to make arts and creative industries much more attractive for career development?

It so much fun to work with artists and creatives in a theatre, gallery, festival, publishing house, recording studio, production company, fashion, museums, cultural tourism, life show, film, crafts, art auction, and many other creative organisations and projects where great talents produce amazing programs, create daily, innovate constantly, get inspired, involve and attract diverse audiences!

It is time to attract much more applicants to job offers, vacancies, internships in these areas! It is time to change the perception of arts and culture field as a nonprofit and non-attractive field to a source of inspiration, recognition and money! So many business models are based on arts and creativity! So much happiness and joy comes from working in the arts! I myself enjoy over 20 years career in the field, worldwide, meeting great creatives and helping them to advance! 

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