Entrepreneurship: The changing realities

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Artistic collaboration: could online groups create art?

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Web search for policy research: selection of online tools

Research in any area is based on gathering, processing, analysing, and interpreting a huge amount of information, and revising human knowledge with a critical view. The main goal of a good research is to “produce” a new piece of knowledge. … Read More

Syndicate and synchronise your web content and your news by using news aggregators

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Online tools to organise your ideas, projects, documents, notes and online content

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The jungle of blogging: select your platform

It seems that the most effective and fast way to share and disseminate your thoughts and viewpoints nowadays is to create a personalised weblog, which we all call “blog”. Blogs provide news, commentaries, opinions on diverse matters, or are just … Read More

Web-based calendars of arts&culture events: what to see, where to go, who else is joining?

Where and how do we find information about events to attend in our free time in the evenings or weekends, when we travel, during our vacation? How we make our choice among all existing offers in the arts, cultural, tourism, … Read More