Creative minds need to relax!

We, art managers, cultural researchers, creative entrepreneurs and artists, talk a lot about arts, projects, events and work, and very rarely about relaxation and recharging. This is because we love so much what we do, and there is no actual separation between “work” and “free time”. It seems that we entertain ourselves by working, isn’t it?! We do not have “9am-5pm” job; we work late evenings, often at nights, at any time and any space, simply because our creative minds can not stop! Also, our activities are different every day and this is a recharging factor by itself. Very often tiredness comes from repetitive jobs. Only after years of nonstop creation, travel, work, much passion involved in what we do, we could enter a phase in our lives where we start feeling quite exhausted and drained.

There are a lot of tips how to relax and re-charge our body and soul. I realized only very recently that doing these relaxation techniques regularly makes me much more productive and happy at work. I have then more space in my brain and soul to reflect and think, and to not only “be on the go”. At the end of the day, we are human “beings” not human “doings”!

For example, what re-energizes me are several activities which I really love: yoga, biking, swimming, walking in the beautiful nature, socializing with great friends, cooking a dinner and sharing it, listening music, playing piano, singing, taking a warm bath, going to a spa, writing my “dream diary”, taking slow and deep breaths, living “offline”….I do these activities regularly because I feel I need to recharge: some of them on my own, as they help me to think deeper, listen my inner voice, focus at my desires. I share others with dear friends and I feel re-energized because we exchange positive vibes, we learn from each other and such an atmosphere is priceless!

Tips about relaxation and re-energizing:

Relax with the arts!

Doing art as a non-artist is a great way to relax! I play piano and I sing. I love dancing. I also very recently started sand-painting technique and I find it very amusing and recharging. Art is proven to help our mental health. It is a source of relaxation and healing. Without being a certified Art Therapist, each one of us can use some amazing art techniques to help de-stress. Read below many examples:

Summer vacation is over for most of us, but we can continue relaxing on a daily basis. Think what you love doing, what makes you really happy. Go for it! Instead of saying “I do not have time!” just make a space in your calendar of activities for YOURSELF! Pay much better attention to your soul and body, and listen to your inner voice more often. Then you will be more productive, more creative, and more helpful to others!

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