Kamenov House for Creative Thinking

A unique place to think, write, create
and live in an authentic rural environment

Why Kamenov House?

If you need a space to explore and discover yourself, enjoying mountain atmosphere and village lifestyle; if you need to pamper yourself to think or create without being bothered by anyone, to escape for a while from your daily routine; if you wish to discover and enjoy the natural ambiance and village quietness to hatch your creative idea, to write, to create or to just have a “meeting with yourself”, then Kamenov House for Creative Thinking, located in the village of Zverino, 70km from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is the real thing for you! It is a great place to think, write, create and live in an authentic rural environment, and is intended for creative people, writers, artists, cultural managers, PhD students, academics on sabbatical and small-size creative teams.

The Unuqieness of Kamenov House

The house has accumulated a special intellectual energy as it was the place where the inspiring educator, profound thinker and social innovator Prof. Dr. Kamenov (1939-2014) had created many of his publications and projects, stimulated by the nature, the connection with the local community and the family roots. His amazing generosity, warm heart, wisdom, hard work, endless curiosity, sense of humor, zest for life are a motivator for us to transform this house into an international home for creativity and self-exploration.

The Surrounding

Zverino village is located at the unique and picturesque Iskar river gorge, surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is well connected with the capital and with other bigger cities by fast trains and roads.Large outdoor swimming pool & bars “Oasis” are located at 15min walking distance from the house, open from June 1st to September 1st. There is a river, mountains and hills for walking and biking, monasteries, place “Ribarnika” located 15 min driving distance from the house offering fresh fish meals. Grocery stores and ATM machine available in the village.

How to approach us?

The House Launch day is 15 July 2018.

Application procedure: Please, send us a short motivation letter why do you need to spend time in this unique place, with a link to your organisation or professional profile.

Email: kamenovhouse@gmail.com

Mobile: +359 888 318130