Shine Your Best Where You Are!

As a consultant, educator and coach, I motivate and inspire you to be a happy professional in the arts, culture and creative industries: in an international, strategic and entrepreneurial context!

My Uniqueness


Intuitive and holistic professional coaching and intense masterclasses online that help you to undertake positive changes in your professional life


Engaging and inspiring audiences and participants in public speaking and teaching

Structural approach

Analytical and research skills in consulting on diverse businesses: strategic plans leading to elaboration of clear, logical and well-structured documents

Balanced approach

Well thought-out combination between theory, research and practice in consulting and teaching practice

International coverage

Extensive international experience and rich network of professionals in over 60 countries


Sharing short examples from my international experiences and happy life in coaching, moderating and public presentations

Benefits from Our Meeting (Online or Offline):

Understand the basics of strategies, management and entrepreneurship in the arts

Get practical advice and tips

Get motivated and inspired

Think and act “outside of the box”

Find your “happy zone” in a strategic context

“Walk the talk”- start your creative enterprise

Manage your creative organisation in a sustainable mode

Raise funds and gain visibility

Expand internationally

Find partners, colleagues & friends in a targeted country


I work with organisations and people who want to be strategic,
entrepreneurial and innovative

Masterclasses & Training

Choose an online Masterclass on strategy, management or entrepreneurship in the arts, or with your input we can customize your training

Consulting & Research

Lift up your creative organisation and position it in a strategic, collaborative and international context



 Be the Changemaker of your life and be happy and fulfilled of what you do professionally

Speaker & Moderator

Let’s inspire your audiences, motivate your team or find the creative potential of your Board



Learn and advance in the field of strategy, management and entrepreneurship in the arts, culture and creative industries

Interviews, Videos & Features

Happy Stories

“Lidia has extraordinary international knowledge, vision and experience that add sparks of brilliance in every professional challenge she undertakes. I have known her for over 20 years now and through our collaboration she has always impressed me with her depth of vision in cultural policy and cultural management matters. We are now honoured to have her as an active member of the Board of the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism.” (August, 2016)
Dr. Diane DoddExecutive Director
International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism IGCAT
“Lidia's targeted and intense masterclasses on international cultural cooperation, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, project leadership and other areas are always greatly appreciated by the participants. Her capacity to analyze, connect theoretical discourse with cultural practice and cultural issues with social development makes her an invaluable member of our international team.”
Chris TorchSenior Associate
Stockholm, Sweden
Program Director
Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture
“What Prof. Varbanova has given me was more than knowledge. She has given me guidance, direction and inspiration, optimism and motivation on the path of my personal and professional development.”
Marija Gajic Professor and Marketing Manager
The Institute for Foreign Languages
Belgrade, Serbia

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